A surgical Scar is a much neglected aspect of post-surgical care.

Complications of a surgical incision include:

🔸Scar Hypertrophy
🔸Keloid Formation

Vita Columbia Clinical Research Inc. is pleased to introduce vitaDERM Surgical Scar Ointment, a revolutionary formulation that has

🔸Potent anti-Inflammatory effects
🔸Potent anti-Oxidant
🔸100% Natural Ingredients


  • vitaDERM Surgical Scar Ointment is most effective when used 2-4 weeks after surgical incision.
  • vitaDERM Surgical Scar Ointment can considerably improve old surgical scars, skin hypertrophy, keloid formations, with longer duration of treatment.

The image below shows a patient with a 10-year old scar which had undergone considerable hypertrophy. vitaDERM Surgical Scar Ointment improved the cosmetic outcome significantly within 12 months of use, as evident in the image below.


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